Pre-Lit Green Screen Studio The WVS Global pre-lit green screen studio comes complete with nine thousand watts of daylight balanced light, including six  fluorescent softboxes and three incandescent DP Lights. Our 360 degree studio comes equipped with a green balcony and  staircase. The studio is painted with Rosco Chroma Green and at the bay door a 30x20 green curtain to allow vehicles in and  out... Woody Bavota conducts a green screen workshop Scene from the film Behelian, starring Duke Valenti © WVS Global 2013 WVS Global 1227 Rt. 28A Unit C Cataumet, MA 02534 Video Production and Green Screen Studio In the WVS Global studio with singer Rashida Jolley, music producer Geno Regist, choreographer Mikey Silas, violinist Judy Kang, and make up artist Santara Cassamajor. Studio Benefits 25’ x 30‘ x 18’ Chroma Green Studio Chroma Green Balcony Chroma Green Staircase Six 1000 Watt Fluorescent Softboxes  Three 1000 Watt Incandescent DP Lights Two Quickloc Studio Boom Stands with Casters  Grip Truck and Services Global Location Video Backgrounds GoPro 2 with Steadicam & Operator  Directors of Photography HD Camera Operators  Production Assistants Extras PreSonus 24.4.2 Digital Recorder Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone Sennheiser Lavaliere Microphone Shure Wireless Lavalieres Audio Engineer and Playback Actors and Voice Over Talent Green Screen Studio Location The WVS Global green screen studio is located at 1227 Rt 28A, Unit C in Cataumet MA. Our Cape Cod location is  convenient to both Boston and Providence RI, we are just over the Bourne Bridge and six miles ahead off of Rt 28 South. 508.392.9524 Photography by Diane Marshall Taking Your Message Further