Know about Low Testosterone Treatment

testosteroneTestosterone works as a steroid naturally produced by our body. It provides us energy, keeps up our libido, stimulates sperm reproduction, puts hair on our body and helps maintain the muscle mass. Just like your cholesterol and blood pressure, it is needed to be maintained in healthy levels. Usually testosterone levels drop with male’s age also termed as “andropause” or “male menopause”. However if your T levels are dropping irrespective of your age and causing problems in your personal life then it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. We will also discuss about the low testosterone treatments in this article. You may know if you are suffering from low testosterone from below symptoms:

  • If you are feeling low libido for quite some time(sexual desire)
  • Suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • Depression and low energy
  • Loss of body hair
  • Don’t feel energetic, loss of strength and muscle mass
  • Suffering from Osteoporosis (Low bone density)
  • Unable to father a child

Moreover you should have a proper test to know about how low your testosterone levels are. A simple blood test can tell you that. The normal level of testosterone in an adult is 300ng/dL. Usually 200ng/dL is considered as the cut off for low T levels.

Low testosterone can happen when there is a signaling problem between your brain and testes which causes a drop in T levels. Also if the brain feels that the T level is too much in your body so it might signal the testes to cut the production. Another reason for low T might be a defect in your testes due to which your body can’t produce enough of it. The exact reason can only be determined after the proper diagnosis.

Treatments- There are several treatment options for men with low testosterone levels.

  • Testosterone gels and solutions can be applied daily so that it can be absorbed in to the body through skin
  • Testosterone tablets are placed on the gums above the incisor teeth around every 12 hours which slowly releases testosterone.
  • Patches can be used to have testosterone to be absorbed by the body through skin
  • Testosterone injections can be given on your upper buttock every ten to fifteen days by your doctor to keep your testosterone levels up
  • You can also have the pallets under your skin near hip through a surgical procedure

For the final decision only your doctor can decide which method of treatment will suit you the best.

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